The majority of the e-commerce and websites nowadays are created on the WordPress platform. WordPress has become popular as a site builder for many reasons, among them its wide range of themes with great features. With so many themes, it can be hard to choose the best that would work well for you. Here, we cover 5 of the best WordPress website themes that make it stand out as a site builder.


The Uncode theme is one of the best e-commerce themes for WordPress. The reason for why this theme ranks best is its numerous and unique features. You will find this theme easy to work around since it is developer-friendly, powerful, warm, versatile, inviting, and overly simple. It comes with outstanding resources for use in creating amazing e-commerce sites, as well as portfolios and blogs. Whether you need a theme for a complex business solution or a simple one, the Uncode theme just rhymes well.


The shopkeeper has gained high popularity for its suitability in creating effective online stores. Just as its name insinuates, the shopper theme is often e-commerce ready and can also be used the creation of individuals and company’s online portfolios. It is highly flexible. This makes it possible to work it out to your meet your needs. It also has a visual composer plugin that you can use to create high profile posts, and pages based on advanced layouts.


The Divi is best as an e-commerce theme for its wide range of features. If you decide to use the Divi theme, you get access to over 40 drag and drop features that are highly customizable. Its initial design was purposely done to align the majority of e-commerce sites.  It comes with the filtering feature, carts, product pages, and search engines that are powered by JAX.


In terms of visual appeal, the XStore is one of the best WordPress website themes. Also, it is quite versatile and embraces much creativity which makes it ideal for e-commerce.  Although it requires some knowledge in web development, its polyfacetic solutions make it a better theme for e-commerce.  Moreover, the theme offers you a platform import and customize its many page templates.


The Jevelin WordPress theme stands out as one of the best e-commerce themes for WordPress for its many uses, and diverse and easy to use features. For example, it gives you the chance to ensure that your products are presented in resolution. It comes with some demo sites to evaluate its suitability for your e-commerce needs.