The level of competition when it comes to making sales online has increased. So many people and businesses are now available online; something that calls for robust strategies. One of the proven ways to succeed in your e-commerce is to have a great website that has excellent functionalities.

There are numerous e-commerce website themes with great features that you can choose. However, you need to be aware of what it takes to have the best e-store. Here are 4 features that are necessary for a great e-commerce site.


Google indexing and ranking is the number one factor for your site to be recognized. You need to optimize your site effectively. Not all e-commerce websites themes are SEO friendly. As such, an SEO friendly feature should be one of the things to consider when choosing any theme for your e-commerce. Additionally, it is advisable to avoid settling for less –go for the theme that will give you the best SEO features.


Visitors to your website will only take time to look around if you have great visuals; otherwise, you will experience a high bounce rate. Make a lasting impact on your visitors from the first impression they get by looking at your products. A great theme for e-commerce should be appealing in all aspects for a chance to make visitors want to come back again and again.

– Ability to customize it

Changing market and technological trends have created the need for much flexibility. For example, you need a website theme that can give you the room to customize it depending on your needs, and demand in the market; this is the only way to remain relevant to your customers and market needs. As such, the best website themes offer you the freedom of customizing them as you wish and this is necessary should your business expand.

-Excellent blend of colors

The colors that you have for your e-commerce matter a lot. The best themes for e-commerce website ought to have a nice color balance. To attract a high number of customers, you need a color blend that is appealing and beautiful. Take some time to go through all the themes available at your disposal and choose the best color combination.

If you get a website theme with all the above features, you are good to go. However, this does not mean that the four features above are all that you need to search for in an e-commerce website theme. In fact, there are more other factors, but these are the primary ones.

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